The British Plaque Society

The British Plaque Society is a non-profit organisation formed to promote the unveiling of commemorative plaques to not only famous and well known personalities of our historical past but to institutions and organisations that have contributed to the wonderfully diverse cultures that make up today's Britain. There are several organisations erecting blue, brown and even green plaques to personalities, notably English Heritage and the Heritage Foundation and our founder Maj (Retd) Ian Mattison MInst RE was involved in the last two years in unveiling plaques to the Football Association, "Tin Pan Alley" and the HMV dog "Nipper". Following these excellent institutions this society is taking things to a new level where we will be promoting some notable and distinguished people, groups and organisations which we believe should not be forgotten as we move further into the 21st century.  As we commemorate the anniversaries of WWI of WWII will see many commemorations and celebrations of major events and it is our aim to make sure that well known phrase

"We will remember them" will come to mind every time someone sees and reads our most respectful and well deserved plaques.